New! – Announcing Triton’s debut album, ‘Rule of Three’

Jeremiah McLane, Alex Kehler, and I—who comprise the trio Triton—are very excited to be releasing our first album together: ‘Rule of Three’.

This long-awaited debut album, encompassing more than five years from start to finish, celebrates the vast wealth of traditional dance music found throughout northwestern Europe—particularly that of Brittany, Auvergne, Sweden, and Scotland. Traditional melodies are given fresh harmonies and counterpoints, and performed with an entirely unique combination of instruments. Songs and compelling original compositions also feature prominently, ultimately delivering an enthralling collection of music that’s infused with passion and delivered with purpose.

The album can be found both on Bandcamp (see below) and

For more information about both the trio and the album, please visit

The Birds’ Flight – music video

I hope you’ll take a moment to experience and savor the enchanting ‘Birds’ Flight’ stop-motion video, crafted by the wonderfully imaginative Myles David Jewell, and dedicated to our dear friend and ally, Pete Sutherland, who made his final flight home on Nov. 30, 2022.  This beautifully-symbolic video is packed with many subtle and charmingly quirky details, rewarding viewers with multiple replays.

New album!

The Birds’ Flight is the culmination of several years’ worth of collaboration between Tim Cummings (pipes), Pete Sutherland (fiddle, song), and Brad Kolodner (banjo). Traditional and otherwise familiar Scottish pipe tunes were handpicked and re-styled to become compelling, authentic-sounding Old-Time/Appalachian-style hoedowns and waltzes. …Or perhaps that’s not at all what happened, and these are in fact genuinely traditional Old-Time tunes that, like much of the established repertoire, naturally possess Scottish DNA, but are only just now resurfacing after more than a century of dormancy. The truth is sometimes murky; but the tunes, songs, and performances featured in this collection are anything but!

You can learn more about our project at, and find physical and/or digital versions via

Tim is now on Patreon

Tim, operating through Birchen Music & Publishing, has begun a Patreon venture as a means of generating and sharing more new music for the pipes. Through this platform, he is offering exclusive and early-release audio recordings, sheet music, and extensive background commentary to subscribers who may choose from a variety of pricing levels. For more information or to subscribe, please go to