Tim is now on Patreon

Tim, operating through Birchen Music & Publishing, has begun a Patreon venture as a means of generating and sharing more new music for the pipes. Through this platform, he is offering exclusive and early-release audio recordings, sheet music, and extensive background commentary to subscribers who may choose from a variety of pricing levels. For more information or to subscribe, please go to

The Wind Among the Reeds: now available!

Tim Cummings and Jeremiah McLane are proud to announce the release of their first duo album, The Wind Among the Reeds, featuring a rare and masterful Old World blend of traditional dance repertoire from Brittany, central France, and the British Isles, as well as original compositions inspired by dance forms from these regions.

The album is currently available in both CD and mp3 forms.  For more information, audio samples, and to order or download copies, please visit the McLane & Cummings website.



The Wind Among the Reeds: forthcoming album

Tim Cummings and Jeremiah McLane (a.k.a. Wheezer & Squeezer) are currently wrapping up their first duo album, The Wind Among the Reeds, due to be released in September 2016.  This album features traditional dance music from Brittany, central France, the British Isles, and original tunes inspired by these traditions.  Stay tuned for its official release!  (And in the meantime, you’re welcome to enjoy a sneak pre-listen on SoundCloud: )

(photo © 2016 Miles Scanlon)
(photo © 2016 Miles Scanlon)