Organizations & Events
Birchen Music & Publishing (new repertoire for pipers)
Càirdeas (aka The Vermont Bellowspipe & Fiddle School)
The Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society (UK)
Middlebury College Department of Music (Vermont, USA)
Middlebury Community Music Center (Vermont, USA)
The Pipers’ Gathering (Connecticut, USA)
Piping Today magazine (Scotland)
Spanish Peaks Piping Retreat (Colorado, USA)
Upper Potomac Piper’s Weekend (West Virginia, USA)
Young Tradition Vermont (Vermont, USA)

Affiliated Artists
Nate Banton (pipemaker)
Sarah Blair (Irish fiddle)
Claire Boucher & Brad Hurley (Breton song, dance & flute)
Rosalind Buda (bassoon, bombarde, Scottish pipes)
Jeffrey Buettner (organ)
Corey DiMario (string bass, tenor guitar)
Dominique Dodge (harp, song)
Alex Kehler (fiddle, nyckelharpa, låtmandola)
Brad Kolodner (banjo, song)
Owen Marshall (guitar, bouzouki, banjo, song)
Eric McDonald (guitar, mandolin, song)
Annemieke McLane (piano)
Jeremiah McLane (accordion, piano, composer)
Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald (Cape Breton pipes & fiddle)
Fin Moore & Sarah Hoy (Scottish pipes & fiddle)
Julie Ness (soprano)
Susan Summerfield (organ)
Pete Sutherland / Pete’s Posse (fiddle, banjo, songsmith, etc.)
Mary Wesley (contra, square, Breton & Balfolk dance leader/caller)
Will Woodson (Irish flute, pipes, pipemaker)